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Precision Guided Munitions

Chiron   Portable Surface-to-Air Missile 

The Chiron, the winner of the Korea National Defense Science, Research and Development Award in 2004, is a Korea’s indigenously developed portable surface-to-air missile. Combined with the Korea’s cutting-edge technology, the missile ensures superior accuracy, stability, and mobility, marking it as one of the invaluable assets. 

The guided missile, the Chiron neutralizes all incoming aircrafts and helicopters. It provides close air defense against hostile aerial threat such as aircrafts, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicle infiltrating at low altitudes.

The guided missile weighs 14 kilograms and extends 1.6 meters in length and eight centimeters in diameter. The reduced size and weight of the missile significantly improves the mobility and the infrared homing technology applied to the Chiron makes it unnecessary for the shooter to aim at the target after launching the missile, making it true fire and forget. The Chiron is also equipped with a two-color seeker capable of distinguishing deceptive flares from actual heat and fires on engines.

Integrated with the identification friend or foe and the aiming day/night sight, Chiron accurately distinguishes between friendly and enemy aircraft, and thus enhances the safety of friendly forces. When the missile approaches a target, the proximity fuse sends a signal to the guided missile which triggers a hundred of fragments to explode out to the direction of an enemy aircraft resulting increased efficiency. 

Raybolt   3rd Generation Anti -tank Guided Missile

The Raybolt is a portable 3rd generation anti-tank missile for infantry units. Combined with the latest technology in Korea, the missile boasts highly sensitive seeker and enhance penetration capability, which makes the Raybolt one of the most advanced anti-tank missile available today. 

The Raybolt can identify and engage a target using its Image Infrared Seeker. The missile can operate in two different modes including direct attack and top attack where missile target is upper part of an armored vehicle, the most vulnerable point. 

Unlike other conventional man-in-the-loop anti-tank missiles, where the operators are required to aim at the target to guide the missile, the Raybolt employs fire and forget function which allows the operator to move to other location immediately after launch. Such feature increases the survivability of an operator. Also, the missile is smokeless where it is possible to launch the missile from indoors.  

C-Star   Ship to Ship Missile

C-Star, as the late developed Anti-Ship Missile, in proud of adopting state-of-the art technologies which meet demanding requirements of future naval scenarios.
C-Star is all weather, over-the-horizon, fire-and-forget and active radar homing missile system to destroy ship. Marine facility and floated submarine on the sea. The Missile has very low altitude sea skimming cruise capability and use inertial navigation system with GPS aids, radio-altimeter.

The Missile is capable of using multiple waypoints and long-range precision attack.
Microwave seeker has excellent ECCM performance to correspond to modern EW System, which provides highly outstanding target discrimination and selection ability.
C-Star boasts of the highest precision and accuracy that shows 100% kill probability until now from the every year`s live firing training of Korean Navy since 2005 after the delivery to the Korean Navy.

2.75 Guided Rocket

2.75-inch Guided Rocket is either ground-launched or air-launched precision guided rocket based on imaging IR seeker. The rocket is a fire-and-forget system with multiple-firing capability. 

2.75-inch Guided Rocket consists of 2.75-inch/70mm Imaging IR guided rocket, Launcher, FCS, target acquisition sensor with land-based or airborne platform
2.75-inch Guided Rocket has proven itself to counter fast moving targets, from patrol boats to hovercraft, under both day and night light conditions. It operates in conjunction with target acquisition system which acquires target data from a safe distance. 

The 2.75-inch Guided Rocket was developed with the objective of dramatically improving war fighter capabilities by engaging moving targets with the aim of reducing war fighter exposure, reducing collateral damage, lower cost and multiple platform integration capability.

The 2.75-inch Guided Rocket makes a highly efficient rocket system that efficiently defeats the Fast Moving Maritime threat, especially against Fast Inshore Attack Craft (FIAC). It offers value that increase number of target engagement in a given timeline and improve capacity to protect critical infrastructure. 
This rocket system provides adequate force protection for Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, and affords relatively inexpensive cost. The 2.75-inch Guided Rocket is the most valuable and effective weapon system as of now.