In order to stand as a company trusted by customers and the society,
LIG Nex1 conducts a variety of Ethics and Compliance activities
to the LIG Nex1 family and our business partners as well.

LIG Nex1 family

  • CEO’ commitment to Ethics and Compliance practices

    - Express through the new year’s address
      and management policy every year

  • Ethics and Compliance declaration

    - Every year all employees sign the Ethics
      and compliance declaration(On-Line)
    - New hires sign the Ethics and compliance

  • Ethics and Compliance training

    - All employees, Board of LIG Nex1, and
      Middle management undergo Ethics
      and compliance training following their
      own levels(Each 2 hours)
    - All employees undergo different level of
      training related on each laws
      (Each 2 hour)
     : Domestic/foreign anti-corruption laws
      (Korean anti-corruption laws, FCPA, UK
      Bribery Act, etc.), Fair-transaction,
      personal information protection, etc.
    - Local hires undergo Ethics and
      Compliance training
      (including Anti-corruption)

  • New hires undergo Ethics and Compliance training

    New hires(new/experienced employee and executives) undergo Ethics and Compliance training(2 hour)

  • Ethics and Compliance News

    -Introduces international cases for
      the Ethics and compliance
    - Guides internal policies, regulations,
      and procedure

  • Campaigns

    - No exchange of gifts on national holidays
    - No congratulations presents on promotion

  • Compliance program Activities

    - Risk Assessment
    - Voluntary monitoring through
    - Periodic, frequent monitoring
      (once every year)

  • Counseling

    Counsel for Ethics and Compliance questionnaires such as compliance program, dilemma, conflict of interests, etc. through various methods like phone, e-mail, visit.

  • Survey Ethics and Compliance Management

    - Ethical standard and value(Ethics index)
    - Efficiency of Compliance program,

  • Report of reception of economic benefit

    When receiving economic benefit, LIG Nex1 shall promptly report following the procedure of 'Report of reception of economic benefit'

  • Report of conflict of interests

    When any conflict of interest exist, LIG Nex1 shall promptly report following the procedure of 'report of conflict of interests'


  • Ethics and Compliance declaration

    Every year all suppliers sign the Ethics and compliance declaration(On-Line)

  • CEO’s letter asking for Cooperation in cementing the culture of the Ethics and Compliance Management to suppliers

    - Fair transaction
    - Prohibition of provision of economic
    - No congratulations presents on promotion

  • Ethics and Compliance training

    The employees of the suppliers undergo the Ethics and Compliance training
    (1 hour/every year)

  • Counseling

    Listen to opinions of the suppliers through various methods such as Counsel of supplier System, phone, survey, Whistle-blower system, etc. (On/Off-Line)

  • Discussion Meeting

    Introduction on issue regarding Ethics and Compliance Management, Counseling, plan to run LIG Nex1’s Ethics and Compliance Management

  • Supplier Appointment

    - Due diligence for bribery
      and anti-corruption
      (Questionnaires, Checklist form)
    - Apply Anti-corruption provisions in

  • Supplier Management

    - Appointment/evaluation/oversight of
      domestic/foreign supplier
      (procurement department)
    - Check the anti-corruption policy in
      supplier(procurement department,
      Compliance Question)
    - Disciplinary action


  • Third Party Appointment

    - Due diligence
      (Questionnaires, Checklist form)
    - Apply Anti-corruption provision in

  • Current Sign

    - Signed MOU with DAPA to build integrity
      and transparency in the field of defense
    - Member of 'Fair Player Club(UNGC)'