In LIG Nex1, our business principle is to create value
for our customers, shareholders, and employees
through diligence and honesty


We hold 'Corporate Ethics' as top priority in our management and business activities--it means that not
only do we fulfill legal and economic responsibilities, but we also uphold ethical responsibilities with
expectation from society in our business activities, in order to ensure trust from our customers and other stakeholders.

  • Code of Ethics
  • Guidelines for Practice - LIG Nex1’s standard for Ethical value and behavior : · Guide of Ethics Management
  • Guide of Compliance Management
    LIG Nex1’s standard for Compliance value and behavior
    • Abridgement
    • Improper solicitation and graft Act, Personal information protection Act, Trade secret protection Act
    • Fair trade Act, Fair transaction in subcontracting Act
    • Defense acquisition program Act