Report(Whistleblower system)

Applicable Activity

  • ① Receiving valuables/ hospitality/ convenience from stakeholders
  • ② Any act of using one’s duty or position to achieve an unfair advantage or damage the company
  • ③ Interfering other employees’ fair work for one’s own or another’s benefit
  • ④ Leaking corporate secrets or customer information without authorization.
  • ⑤ Improper co-operation of stakeholders, such as bid rigging for the purpose of trading with the company.
  • ⑥ Disadvantageous treatment and identity exposure towards legitimate whistle-blower
  • ⑦ Violation any other code of ethics, employment rules and regulations.
  • ⑧ Violation of joint growth and subcontract fair trade agreement.
    • Reporting corruptions of partner companies and reporting of unfair trade practices.
  • ⑨ Actions that constitute accounting fraud or error.
    • To misrepresent the facts and numbers of management that are unfairly reflected in the financial statements.
    • Embezzlement and misusage of corporate assets.
    • Actions that correspond to accounting errors.

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Report processing procedure

  • CEO, Chief of Compliance Officer, Compliance Team confirm the report immediately without any certain approval.
    After Compliance Team should scan it and check basic fact of it(through contacting the whistleblower, etc.),
    Compliance Team conduct as follows:
    ※ Anonymous report :
    Compliance Team should give it to Audit Team(independent department, refer to organization chart) at once.
  • ①Serious Issue
    : Compliance Team give it to Audit Team. Audit Team should report the result to the Committee of Audit
      (the LIG Nex1’s board member) after tracking, investigating(auditing) the report
    • Anyone who violates corporate regulations will be penalized under our discipline regulations.
    • If it is a legal violation, Chief of Compliance officer should recheck the fact of report, and report criminal offences to the relevant authorities, if needed.
    • The reporter(even anonmymous reporter) can confirm the result of report on the homepage
    • LIG Nex1 should publish the result of disciplinary actions on company’s inside homepage
  • ② General issue(ex. smoking zone problem, etc.)
    : Compliance Team should report directly CEO and Chief of Compliance Officer after tracking.
      investigating the fact
  • ③ Recordkeeping
    : all relevant documents from investigation to disciplinary action(at least 5 years)
      ※ If the documents shall be deleted without permission or not recorded correctly,
       this action is the reason the someone may be disciplined.

Whistle-blower Protection Policy

  • ① Whistle-blower protection
    • The identity of the whistle-blower and the content of the report is protected.
    • Identity exposure and the detection of the whistle-blower is strictly prohibited
    • Discrimination and disadvantageous treatment towards whistle-blower is strictly prohibited
  • ② Protection of employee who refuse to act unethically(even when it might result in a loss of business)
    • The identity of employee who refuse to act under unethical demands is protected
    • Identity exposure and the detection of the employees who refuse to act under unethical demands is strictly prohibited
    • Discrimination and disadvantageous treatment towards the employee who refuse to act under unethical demands is strictly prohibited
※ LIG Nex1 operates Compliance Team(prevention of risk(including corruption)) and Audit Team(tracking, investigating, auditing related on all incidents(including corruption))
※ The member of Audit Team has Certified Internal Auditor.