• Signature
  • Signature refers to something that has been put together in line with rules on fixed word marks and logo types, and the elements cannot be used in any arbitrary combination.
  • Signature image
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  • Exclusive colors
  • PANTONE 123C

    M20% + Y100%
    R253 + G200 + B47

    PANTONE 144C

    M50% + Y100%
    R233 + G131 + B0

    PANTONE 2995C

    R0 + G169 + B224

    PANTONE 299C 2X

    C80% + M40%
    R0 + G128 + B204

    PANTONE 376C

    C50% + Y100%
    R122 + G184 + B0

    PANTONE 362C

    C80% + Y100%
    R61 + G155 + B53
  • Word mark
  • LIG’s word mark shapes the <cloud of hope> which looks out for and realizes the precious hopes and dreams of the customers. Through the value that “Life is Great” that LIG sets out to convey, the customer’s bright future that is full of hope is being symbolically expressed. Also, the sculpture that has a sense of physicality connecting three circles is representative of the image of a leading and proactive company that does not fear change or innovation, and also represents the unlimited possibilities and the future in which the hopes and dreams of the customers, shareholders, and employees can be fulfilled in a systematic form.
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