Social Contributions
  • Patriotism and Veterans Memorial
  • LIG Nex1 is a leader in the improvement of morale of Armed Force fighters and the welfare of families of military personnel. In addition, our company also engages in various activities and events to commemorate national martyrs and pay tribute to the nation.
  • Sisterhood Relationship

    We engage in sisterhood relationships with Seoul National Cemetery and Daejeon National Cemetery, to lay flowers, pay tribute, and conduct grave cleaning activities in order to honor those martyrs who made the ultimate sacrifice for the motherland. We never forget that we are here because they sacrificed themselves, and we promise to do everything we possibly can to be a defense company that protects the Republic of Korea.
    1사1묘역 자매결연식을 하고있는 LIG넥스원 구본상 부회장과 국립현충원장
  • Sharing Hope
  • The LIG Hope Volunteering Group shares love and hope to those places around
    us that have forgotten such values.
  • 장애인축구단 후원 및 친선경기 이미지

    Disabled Football Team Support and Friendly Match

    We are contributing to enhancing the performance of teams through giving development funds and funding friendly matches as a solid partner of the Korea Football Association for the Disabled. We cultivate and share hopes and dreams through football with the belief that no disability can beat hope.
  • Win-Win Relationship
  • We constantly seek ways of mutually beneficial cooperation and actively participate in
    such cooperative relationships to grow and develop together with society.
  • Sharing Hope Lunch Box Volunteering Activity

    Every Wednesday, we head to the welfare center to conduct a volunteering activity in which volunteers deliver and prepare meals and clean up the dishes for elderly citizens living alone who are physically impaired. Our employees personally participate in the activities, sharing love and hope with our neighbors.
    희망나눔 도시락 봉사활동