Corporate Social Responsibility

As a corporate citizen, we try our best to fulfill our social responsibilities,
sharing our resources and communicating with local communities to create a brighter future based on harmony.

VISION‘Realization of win-win values through contributions to society’
  • SincerityContinued actions based on the sincere wills of all employees
  • Win-winRealization of common values with society/community/organizations as a corporate citizen
  • CommunicationAchievement of happy social contributions based on listening, discussion, and sharing
Surely, Together
Fields of activities
Love for our country Activities to fulfill social responsibilities as a defense company
  • Encouragement for boosting morale and improvement of welfare for the military
  • Promotion of patriotism
Networking with the community Shared growth through networking with the community
  • Increased interest in the local community
  • Problem solving based on the company’s capabilities
Volunteer activities Talent donation of employees for underprivileged people
  • Operation of the LIG voluntary service group
  • Encouragement for the voluntary participation of executives and employees
Overseas volunteer activities Volunteer activities in cooperation with global NGOs and volunteer organizations
  • Activities for health and hygiene, support for the disadvantaged, etc.
  • Support for countries that participated in the Korean War in support of the South
CSR system and organization

LIG Nex1 formed its CSR organization (volunteer service group) in 2007 and has continued to engage in systematic volunteer service activities to fulfill its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

CSR officers are placed at our main establishments in Pangyo, Gumi, and Daejeon, carrying out diversified activities to realize the vision of shared growth with local communities based on close networking with local governments and volunteer organizations.