Human Rights and Work Environments

  1. Human rights management
  2. Work environment
We respect the human rights of all stakeholders, including our employees, employees in partner companies, and our customers, and do our best to prevent any human rights violations.
We also strive to maintain and promote stable labor-management relations based on mutual trust for the creation of higher values.
Human rights management guidelines and education

As a defense company founded under the objective of self-reliant national defense, LIG Nex1 pledges to protect human rights and the right to pursue happiness of all stakeholders including our employees, employees of partner companies, customers, and residents in local communities according to the principle of active implementation of human rights management. We comply with the human rights criteria and labor standards of relevant international organizations such as the UN and ILO, and work hard to follow the human rights principles in our business operations based on the human rights management guidelines that we established for proper behaviors and value judgment of all our executives and employees. Each year, we conduct education programs on the prevention of sexual harassment and improved disability awareness. In 2022, we introduced ESG (human rights) education to enhance the understanding of and interest in human rights management.

    • Respect of human rights Respect of human rights

      We respect every member as a human being and try hard to prevent any acts that constitute human rights violation.

    • Prohibition of discrimination Prohibition of discrimination

      We do not discriminate against particular races, religions, disabilities, genders, birth places, political opinions, etc., in employment, wages, promotion, etc.

    • Freedom of association Freedom of association

      We guarantee freedom of association and collective bargaining according to labor laws and do not give disadvantages on the grounds of membership or participation in the activities of labor unions.

    • Prohibition of forced labor Prohibition of forced labor

      In hiring workers, we do not allow any types of forced labor or obtain any benefits from forced labor.

    • Prohibition of child labor Prohibition of child labor

      We do not hire children aged 15 or younger. When we hire a person younger than 18, we do not allow them to engage in dangerous operations in terms of safety and health.

    • Guarantee of industrial safety Guarantee of industrial safety

      We provide all workers with safe and hygienic work environments and supply safety gears and safety education for those who work in risky environments. Accidents or diseases that occur in workplaces are addressed immediately and support measures are developed for follow-up management.

    • Human rights protection for partner companies Human rights protection for partner companies

      We support and cooperate with affiliated companies and business partners in practicing human rights management for shared growth. If a major human rights violation occurs in a partner company, we will actively support efforts to address it, and if proper remedies are not made, we will discontinue the partnership.

    • Human rights protection for local residents Human rights protection for local residents

      We respect and guarantee the human rights of local residents in the communities where our business is operated.

    • Environmental rights Environmental rights

      We comply with domestic and foreign environmental laws and regulations and work hard for environmental protection and prevention of pollution.

    • Human rights protection for customers Human rights protection for customers

      When we supply our products and services, we consider the life, health, properties, and human rights of our customers as a top priority and strive for the protection of their personal information collected for our business activities.

Grievance settlement process

We listen to the grievances of our employees through a variety of channels and handle them carefully for the protection of their human rights and creation of a sound work environment.

Responsible organization : People Partner Team

Contact :

Address : People Partner Team, LIG Nex1, 333 Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do

Labor-management relations

We build a stable labor-management culture and relations based on mutual trust as well as active opinion gathering on diversified issues and early resolution of differences based on a win-win approach.

Outcomes of our labor-management culture
  • Establishment of stable labor-management relations based on trust

    No labor disputes since the company’s foundation

    Active communications through the labor-management council, the Nex1 Board (NB), etc.

  • External recognition of labor-management harmony

    Nine declarations of labor-management harmony

    Awards received in relation to labor-management relations (New Labor Management Culture Award, Industrial Service Medal for the labor union leader, etc.)

  • Unique process of wage and collective agreement based on workshops instead of negotiation Establishment of preventive labor management infrastructure
  • Infrastructure building for proactive labor-management

    Resolution of personal grievances in relevant organizations before they become labor issues

    Labor management based on on-site completion enabled by organization leaders’ labor management capabilities

Opinion gathering from employees

We gather the opinions of employees at various levels through multiple channels including regular and frequent on- and off-line surveys to help understand their grievances and reflect their suggestions for improvement. Labor-management council: A regular consultation body aimed at improving work environments and handling grievances between labor and management (quarterly meetings)

  • Labor-management council Labor-management council

    A regular consultation body aimed at improving work environments and handling grievances between labor and management (quarterly meetings)

  • N-Board N-Board

    A representative body of office employees gathering opinions on working conditions and environments and delivering them to the management(conversations with NB held once per quarter)

  • Monthly meetings Monthly meetings

    Messages from the management on business management issues, etc., delivered to employees(once a month)

  • In-company channels In-company channels

    Opinions of employees gathered through online channels including the Free Bulletin Board and Bakkwodeurim

  • Opinion survey Opinion survey

    A questionnaire survey on employees’ satisfaction regarding work/organization/company and their specific needs (once a year)

  • Opinion meetings Opinion meetings

    Frequent meetings held at different levels (management, department heads, HR, etc.) including grievance consulting