Shareholders’ meetings

A shareholders’ meeting is the highest decision-making body concerning the company’s management including the revision of the company’s Articles of Incorporation, appointment of directors and auditors, and approval of financial statements.

A regular general shareholders’ meeting is held within three months after the end of each business year and an extraordinary general shareholders’ meeting is held based on relevant procedures if necessary.According to the company’s Articles of Incorporation, each shareholder can exercise one vote. LIG Nex1 is working to reflect the opinions of minority shareholders by, for example, introducing an electronic voting system

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Shareholder proposal right

According to Article 542-6 and Article 363-2 of the Commerce Act, respectively, "Any person who has continued to hold stocks equivalent to no less than… 5/1,000… of the total number of issued and outstanding shares of a listed company, except for nonvoting stocks, for more than six months” and “Shareholders who hold no less than 3 percent of the total number of issued and outstanding shares excluding nonvoting shares” may propose agenda items in writing or by an electronic document for a regular general meeting of shareholders at least six weeks prior to the date set for the general meeting of shareholders.

The Board of Directors should include the proposed agenda items in the meeting notice except when the content of the proposal violates any law or the company’s Articles of Incorporation or falls under the subparagraphs of Article 12 of the Enforcement Decree of the Commerce Act. If requested by a shareholder making proposals, the key contents of respective agenda items are to be specified in the meeting notice, and he or she will be offered an opportunity to explain them in the shareholders’ meeting.

Annual general shareholders’ meetings
Classification Date Location
Annual meeting
2024 Mar 25 Yongin(head Office)
Annual meeting
2023 Mar 27 Yongin(head Office)
Annual meeting
2022 Mar 28 Yongin(head Office)
Annual meeting
2021 Mar 29 Yongin(head Office)
Annual meeting
2020 Mar 25 Yongin(head Office)