SONAR Surveillance System

LIG Nex1’s SONAR Surveillance System is designed for the maritime detection of approaching surface and underwater enemy targets, which give friendly troops the capability to execute timely countermeasures against the incoming threat.

Magnetic Treatment System
FFG Class
Hull Mounted SONAR
Mobile Sea Mine
Torpedo Acoustic
Counter Measure
소나감시체계 자기측정 처리장비 항만감시체계 선체고정형 음탐기 HMSonar 자항식기만기 장보고-Ⅲ 소나체계 어뢰음향대항체계 TACM
  • Magnetic Measurement Range and Treatment Equipment
  • Magnetic Measurement Range and Treatment Equipment effectively controls accumulated magnetic field in the hull of surface ships and submarines to the minimum, for survivability of allies against torpedo, sea mine, etc.
Image of Tactical Operating Map of Magnetic Measurement Range and Treatment Equipment
  • HUSS (Harbor Underwater Surveillance System)

  • Harbor Underwater Surveillance System (HUSS) is a surveillance system - consisting of a sound locator and other sensors - installed at major ports to detect, identify and track hostile targets infiltrating underwater. A submersible passive sonar system is installed in the open sea to enable early detection of enemy submarines, surface ships and semi-submarine boat while a magneto-acoustic detection device is installed in the inland waterways to detect and track surface ships, submarines, transfer ships and other underwater infiltration. In the inner harbor, high-frequency active sonar, radar and electro-optical detection equipment are used to detect and track special operations forces as well as submarines.
Tactical Management Image of HUSS
  • Hull-Mounted Sonar HMS

  • Mounted on a next-generation frigate, Hull-Mounted Sonar HMS is an advanced active underwater acoustic detection system for detecting, tracking, identifying, analyzing underwater targets and sounding automatic alarm. Its cutting-edge display technology provides users with the optimal operational system and enables early detection of submarines and torpedoes.
Tactical Operating Map of Hull-Mounted Sonar HMS
  • Submarine-launched Mobile Sea Mine
  • Submarine-launched Mobile Sea Mine is a torpedo defense system developed to respond effectively to enemy torpedoes to enhance ship survivability. The system is divided into the two types: one for surface ships and one for submarines. It is expected to be mounted on Ulsan-I class and above battleship and Changpogo-II class submarines. It moves according to the embedded decoy logic, triggers babbled signals to disrupt enemy torpedoes.
Image of Submarine-launched Mobile Sea Mine
  • KSS-Ⅲ Sonar System

  • KSS III Sonar system integrates and processes sound signals picked up by acoustic sensors in order to detect, track, and analyze targets such as surface ships, submarines, torpedo, sea mine, etc.
    Comprised of a total of eight underwater sensors and inboard equipment including passive array sensors the Integrated Signal Processor, the system makes detection of remote targets, torpedo alert and sea mine detection feasible.
Each Product Images in KSS-Ⅲ Sonar System
  • Torpedo Acoustic CounterMeasure

  • TACM early detects and alerts against torpedo and redirects torpedo by way of high-powered acoustic jamming. It is highly effective against both straight-running torpedo and homing guidance torpedo.
Product Image of Torpedo Acoustic CounterMeasure