Tactical Communication/Navigation

With tactical communication and navigation, exchange of information is no longer restricted in the battlefield, helping make command decisions for efficient conduct of operations.
Tactical communication and navigation can cover every battlefield resource available, by providing near real-time positional information.

Satellite Navigation
Data Link for
Unmanned drones
Anti-Jam GPS
GPS P(Y) Code Receiver
Satellite Based Augmentation System [SBAS]
Wide Area Augmentation System
Next Generation Satellite
Communications System
Tactical Multi-Band
Multi-Role Radio [TICN]
Next-generation VHF
Handheld Radio
전술통신/항법 재밍대응 위성항법 수신기 P(Y)코드 위성항법 수신기 위성기반 오차보정 시스템 [SBAS] 광역 보강정보 생성 시스템 위성통신 단말 전술정보 통신체계 [TICN] TMMR 차기 소부대무전기 무인기 데이터링크
  • Anti-Jam GPS

  • Anti-Jam GPS effectively removes jamming signal in GNSS/GPS receivers, controlling the jammer's influence to the minimum for normalized operation of the receivers.

    LIG Nex1 has secured advanced receiver performance that beats the competing countries', thanks to the R&D efforts led by the Agency For Defense Development (ADD). Developments of systems for use in guided weapons system, unmanned drone system and naval weapon system are underway (Phase 1 concluded), applicable to the Maneuver Weapon System, etc.

    * GNSS : Global Navigation Satellite System
Tactical Management Image of Anti-Jam GPS
  • GPS P(Y) Code Receiver

  • GPS P(Y) Code Receiver is uniquely developed for personal arms and mobile maneuver weapon system.

    Being the pioneer importing SAASM, a GPS P(Y) Code receiver module, from the United States, LIG Nex1 successfully localized the GPS P(Y) Code Receiver that fits the domestic circumstances.

    Our GPS P(Y) Code Receiver is specially designed based upon the governing military standard, making precision navigation, provision of pin-point locale information and mapping and inter-receiver communication feasible.
Image of GPS P(Y) Code Receiver
  • Satellite Based Augmentation System [SBAS]
    Wide Area Augmentation System
  • Wide Area Augmentation System is the core of the Differential GNSS for military use to secure high-precision GPS data all across the Peninsula.

    The System effectively calibrates the navigation errors from GPS data that are inevitable due to ionospheric change and GPS temporal / orbital errors, by sending the calibration data to the satellite for the receivers to calibrate for high-precision reception of data all across the Peninsula.

    With the System, remarkable improvement in strike accuracy of guided missiles is expected, strengthening the entire armed services.
Tactical Management Image of Satellite Based Augmentation System [SBAS]
  • Next Generation Satellite Communications System

  • Next Generation Satellite Communications System is being developed in the project to develop a high-capacity satellite communications network that integrates command, control and communications of the Army/Navy/Air Force in preparation for the future network centric warfare (NCW) and that ensures the survivability and security of the command and control system. It guarantees high-speed data communications to strategic and higher tactical echelons in a swift and viable manner.
Tactical Management Image of Next Generation Satellite Communications System
  • Tactical Information Communication Network(TICN)
    Tactical Multi-Band Multi-Role Radio [TMMR]
  • Tactical Multi-Band Multi-Role Radio (TMMR) is a comprehensive tactical information communications system for the Army/Navy/Air Force that can transmit large-volume multimedia data in real time through its network infrastructure for the future Network Centric Warfare and C2OTM(Command & Control On The Move). Based on SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology, TMMR operates on C4I-based communication devices for Network Centric Warfare brigade and battalion level or less to transmit wireless communications data between combatants. The development is underway to develop mobile devices for vehicle, helicopters and ships.
Image of TMMR for Helicopter
  • Next-generation VHF Handheld Radio

  • An improved edition of existing PRC-96K. Data communication is not feasible with this Next-generation VHF Handheld Radio uniquely designed for small units helping them establish combat network radio.
Image of Next-generation VHF Handheld Radio
  • Data Link for unmanned drones
  • Data Link for unmanned drones serves control orders from ground control system to medium altitude unmanned drone, serves situation and image information from medium altitude unmanned to ground control system.
Images of each part of Data Link System